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Co - founder

I worked for a big UK bank before I came to Hong Kong and co-found Livinism in 2005. Having worked for a big corporation and having managed many over the years, I think that my passion in business is customer service. The satisfaction of a customer can either make or break a business. All businesses under the ‘Livinism umbrella’ have a very high standard of customer service. Although each of the businesses works with very different clients, we have to constantly adjust our performance and expectations and work to the balance in each business. ‘One solution does not fit all’ and that is exactly how we like it. Our customers' expectations in service is always linked to value for money and our aim is always to exceed expectations. With this in mind we are always kept on our toes! We are constantly learning and always strive to improve where possible. At the very least I expect customers to be treated how I want to be treated, and I am the kind of customer that has very high expectations. 

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